How to animate a logo

When animating your logo you have many choices to make. These choices are what software do I use? What kind of animation will look best? For example would cartoon animation suit your logo better than slick corporate animation or cinematic movie trailer style animation.

Choosing logo animation software

Choosing logo animation software can be daunting. Fortunately you have many options both free and paid software and apps. A lot of logo’s are animated with Adobe After Effects or Flash. But you can also animate your logo in Adobe Photoshop using the timeline window. Other options include Apple motion, Aurora  and Xara 3D Maker

There are also apps available for animated logos such as Animation Studio and Animation Creator Express These apps can be useful for simple animation but become tedious for more complicated tasks.

3D Logo Animation Software

There are various options available for animating 3D logos also. These include Cinema 4D, Autodesk 3D Studio Max & Maya, Element 3D (a plugin for Adobe After Effects) and free options such as Blender 3D. Adobe After Effects also has a Raytrace 3D mode which allows you to do a basic 3D extrude and Bevel of text and vector shapes.

How to animate a logo

Choose an animation style that best fits your logo. If your logo is very corporate a simple reveal with some reflections or lighting effects will look very professional. If your logo is for a fitness video or personal training business you will want your logo to be energetic and dynamic. Eye catching special effects and fast movements might work well in this case. If the logo has a character or a cartoony font then squash and stretch animation might suit it better. For example each character could bounce in one by one or pop on like balloons. The character could also be animated to bring the text on to screen.

When creating logo animation for your business or Youtube videos you should ensure the result is professional and eye catching. Logo Animation Wizard make the process of animating your logo easy and painless. We have over 14 years experience animating logos and have all the professional tools and software. We can animate just about anything using our software.