How to design a logo for animation


What purpose does your logo serve. Get clear on what your business offers. What services do you offer that are better than any of your competition?

Your logo should be trustworthy, it is the main thing people will remember and associate with your business so it should be likable and build trust with your potential customers.

Think about how you can make your logo appear clever or how you can make it communicate a simple idea.

What is your target market?

Who are your customers? Does your logo appeal to them? Understand that a logo for a hair dresser might have a very trendy font which might not be suitable for a mechanic for example.

Does the company’s name need to be part of the logo?

Some logo designs are strong enough without having a name attached. Think of the Nike Logo, the swoosh is recognisable without the word Nike.

Try to design the logo with and without the company name, does it communicate the same message? Is it instantly recognisable?

Follow or create a style guide: 

If you are designing a logo for an established brand follow existing style guides and color schemes and to to add your own stamp on their image bringing the brand in to the current time and pushing it forward in to the future.

Experiment with different colors as color can communicate many different things about a business.

Collect reference and inspiration:

Build a reference board of all the logos you like and are relevant to the logo you are designing. DO NOT COPY THEM! Try to understand what they are trying to communicate and how they are doing it, but do not copy. The worst logos are dodgy copy’s of another very successful brand. Understand that well known logos are internationally renowned and copying their style could associate your brand with theirs unintentionally which ultimately confuses your audience.

Keep it simple stupid:

Try to think of one singular message that communicates the company message simply. Avoid too many colors, sometimes a single colour with other elements in black white and grey is better than a heap of different colors.

Remove elements that don’t compliment the overall design.

Test the design:

Create multiple versions of your design and present them to colleagues and friends, get their thoughts on what their initial impressions are and what they thing the company is about. Is their message being communicated effectively?

Does it still look good very small or in black and white? Could it be printed on to a t shirt or as a letterhead?

Keep getting feedback on the logo, the more opinions you can get the better the final logo will be.